We are very excited to offer pastured poultry from our farm. We raise both chickens and turkeys right out on pasture where they forage for natural foods. The result is a full bodied, tender meat that is just packed with flavor. If you have never had a young pasture-raised chicken, having eaten from natures bounty, then you are in for a real treat. The flavor is much richer than bland store-bought chicken. Our customers may warn you that once you have tasted the birds we sell, you will never go back to factory-fare again. In addition to its fantastic flavor, our chickens are much better for you, being high in omega-3 fatty acids.

We mix our own feed, and never use any hormones or antibiotics. Because they have lots of fresh air and sunshine, they don’t suffer the disease problems of factory animals.We also supplement their feed with minerals and vitamins to further promote good health, which of course is passed along to you in a highly digestible (not to mention delicious) form.

Chickens We raise chickens during the warmer months of the year from May until October. Dressed size is about 3 to 5 lbs. Because of the incredible demand, you should not count on any chickens being available outside of these months (last year we completely sold out). If we can raise enough, we will try to have some during the off season, but the price may be higher at that time.

Ducks We are going to try raising some Muscovy Ducks again this year. This unique bird is not greasy like other duck, and has a delicious meat that resembles and exceptionally tender and grain-free red meat. Supplies will be limited. Please check with us in October through December.

Turkeys We are offering pastured turkeys again this year, but quantities will be very limited (last year demand way exceeded the supply). All birds must be pre-ordered before the poults can be purchased, so to get some of these fantastic birds, you must place your order by June 1st. They will be available frozen in early November, and will dress out at 12 to 20 pounds.

See our reservation page for pre-ordering details.