Controversy seems to swim around eggs these days. First they were bad for you and all kinds of egg substitutes were created. Then, we hear that eggs aren’t so bad after all. Some of us remember our grandparents eating eggs every day of the week, and they lived long healthy lives. So what is the truth?

The truth is that eggs are a health-giving food, but only eggs from a chicken with full access to forage, e.g. grass and bugs. Most folks don’t know that so-called free range eggs from the store are really factory produced eggs where the hens are loose on the floor instead of confined to cages.

Our chickens are raised completely different. They are regularly moved across fertile pastures; the same pastures where our cows are grazed. The difference in the eggs is unbelievable. The yolks are darker in color (nutritious food is always richer in color). The flavor is as rich as the color. Best of all, the omega-3 fatty acid content is far superior to factory eggs.

Come try our eggs just once, and we guarantee you won’t go back to factory eggs!