Lamb is becoming the rediscovered delicacy. Sad to say, many folks experience with lamb has been a bad one. Meat from modern sheep, which are bred for their fine wool, often has a strong “muttony” taste. Its no wonder they don’t care for lamb anymore.

Well, you can say goodbye to this type of lamb. We specialize in an exceptional breed of sheep called “Icelandic”. Coming from the small island country of Iceland, having been isolated from modern breeds for over a thousand years, it has a delicate, mild lamb taste which even non-lamb eaters will love.

Being pastured raised, 100% grass-fed, they are low in fat, and exceedingly healthly. Of course, we use no hormones, antibiotices or other drugs. Like our cows, they are exclusively grass-fed, maximizing healing omega-3 fatty acids as well as CLA, the most potent cancer-fighting substance known. Another benefit to not feeding grain is a lower-fat meat which doesn’t have the greasiness associated with most lamb today.

We offer USDA inspected lamb by the cut. Please write us for more information.

Quantaties are limited, so be sure to get yours today!