Where do you want your pork to come from: a confinement factory building, stuffed with feed all day long, and filled with enough antibiotics to keep him from dying from such horrid conditions before his slaughter, or from pigs fully expressing their pigness on pasture and in our orchard? Of course flavor and nutrition are equally enhanced by their natural environment.

We raise our pigs where they are free to graze for much of their food. While they are fed grain much like poultry, they wild forage greatly improves the taste, color and nutrition. They fat make-up is of course much healthier. Of course, we use no hormones, antibiotics or other drugs.

We have pork available in our freezers year-round, USDA inspected, by the cut. Please write us, and we will be happy to send you a catalog listing the cuts we offer

You can also save yourself some money and get it processed the way you like best by buying a whole or side of pork. The live weight of our pigs at slaughter is about 225 lbs, which in turn provides about 120 lbs of meat on average. Please write for details.

Pork recipes – making delicious sausages.