Here is how to reserve your poultry for the current season:

This year, we will be doing our poultry a little differently. We are no longer taking reservations for chickens. The best way you can help us grow the right amount is to simply purchase regularly during the season. That helps us determine how many to grow for the year. We plan to have some in the off seanos, but when they run out, there will be no more until next season.

We are taking reservations for turkeys and ducks however. If you reserve a turkey, we will grow one for you. For ducks, they are still somewhat experimental, so we will take your reservation into account, but we can’t guarantee we will grow enough to fill all the orders. Here is what you need to do:

Figure about how many turkeys and ducks you will need for the entire year, and that is how many you will want to reserve. Ducks weigh from 4 to 5 pounds, and turkeys are from 12 to 20+ pounds. Turkeys will be available frozen in early November. Ducks will be available various times during the season.

Since we only grow what is reserved, it is important for you to get your reservations to us. The deadline for turkeys is June 1, and we prefer to have your duck reservations by then as well, but you have some flexibility to change them after that time. Also, as our freezer space is limited, please don’t count on us storing a lot of any poultry for you in the off-season.

Below is a pre-order form for you to use in reserving your ducks and turkeys. If we don’t have a reservation from you, you may not be able buy a turkey when you the time comes.


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